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BTNCL Melbourne

Peach - extra large pillar

Peach - extra large pillar

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BTNCL pillar candles are the perfect statement piece for any occasion. after trialling and testing every wax possible, we have discovered the perfect blend to ensure they are long lasting and cause minimal drip.

All extra large pillar candles have a burn time of 35+ hours so they can be used time and time again. 


Please note: due to our candles being handmade in small batches, there may be some slight variances in colour and some minor imperfections such as small scratches or air bubbles from the moulding process. This is what makes them all the more unique.

All pillar candles are unscented.

Candle dimensions - 150mm H x 70mm W 

Brass candle plate - 13mm H x 70mm W (inner) / 75mm W (outer)

You should never leave a lit candle unattended at anytime. Always burn your candle on a heat proof and stable surface. Never burn your candle near an open door or window as a draught can not only be dangerous, but will also affect the burn of your candle. Never burn your candle near anything flammable. Always trim your wick before burning. Although our candles are designed to have minimal drip, they still can, so we recommend burning on a heatproof dish. Should wax drip on any surface, simply just wait for it to set and then it will easily remove.

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